We often talk about Essaouira for its medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its famous colourful wooden doors, its narrow streets, the souk markets, the countless cats fed on fish waste and even sheep's head waste at Eid. But Essaouira is also all about the hustle and bustle, the roughness of the ocean, its magnificent waves breaking on the rocks at the foot of the ramparts, the sun setting on the horizon, the moon shining on the ramparts.
The city falls steeply into the water when the sea is high. This verticality is fascinating.
And then there's the life of the inhabitants, who can spend hours staring at the horizon, others who deal in the rubbish that has unfortunately accumulated on the rocks, and still others who squat in unhealthy cavities... all trapped between the ocean and the foot of the ramparts.
Another view of Essaouira!
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